Reiterate 1.5.1 Release

19 May 2023
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Reiterate version 1.5.1 is now available on the App Store!

Reiterate version 1.5.1 screenshot

It’s been a while since the last official release (1.4.3). I’ve been hard at work adding new features and fixing bugs. Here’s a quick summary of all the new enhancements you’ll see.

Bug Fixes

  • Crashes
    • fixed If a phone call came in while you were playing a session, it could crash.
    • fixed Trying to create a new clip while a sesion way playing would crash.
    • improved Updated all concurrency code to the modern Swift concurrency system.
    • fixed You could delete the “add new tag” row.
  • Acknowledgement System
    • improved The background threading system is more robust.
    • improved Adjusted (increased) the time to acknowledge a clip.
    • improved Speech recognition is more robust.
    • fixed If you miss several clips in a row, it won’t spam buzzers at you.
    • improved Contractions are properly recognized.
    • improved The little check and x-marks are now consistent with the standard symbols font.
    • improved The animation that plays while a clip is awaiting acknowledgement is spiffier.
  • Tags
    • improved The Tagboard on the Play tab will only show tags that are relevant to your current session.
    • fixed If you have no tags, the tag board will be hidden on the Play tab.
    • fixed Newly added tags would not be added to a newly added clip.
    • fixed Newly added tags appear properly on the Tag Board.
    • improved Lines of tags are center-aligned.
    • fixed You can no longer create empty (nameless) tags.
  • Clip Details
    • improved Reworked how clip details are edited. Instead of in-place in the Clips view, there is a whole separate page that pops up.
    • new There’s a new icon at the left of every clip that graphically shows what kind of clip it is, and when it plays.
    • new Tap the new clip timing icon to select it (with a check mark). When multiple clips are selected you can mute, delete, and tag them in a batch.
    • improved You can cancel tag edits.
    • new Purchased content is labelled as such.
    • new All clip edits can be cancelled.
    • fixed Clips with a colon in the title couldn’t record audio.
    • improved The VU meter has a nicer animation when recording.
    • fixed Cancelling out of Clip Details while recording would crash on next attempt to record.
  • Session Sidebar menu
    • new Tap the hamburger button to bring up the sidebar. From the sidebar you can switch your current session, edit and delete sessions, bring up the user guide, and more!
  • Play tab
    • improved The StartSession button is now consistent with standard iOS UI.
    • improved Landscape more UI adjustments.
    • improved Starting a session no longer has a little lag at the very start.
  • Settings
    • fixed Tapping the Clip Interval in Settings, without changing anything, would leave it in an inconsistent state.
    • new You can set an alert cue to fire after missing (acknowledging) a clip. This is a great way to use alert cues, because they only play when you’re starting to zone out.

Download the latest version of Reiterate on the App Store

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