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Here’s a quick tip on how you can use your clip titles effectively with the Acknowledgement feature.

Reiterate 1.4.0, with the new Acknowledgement feature, is now available on the App Store!

Integrating the AVAudioEngine API into the rest of my app meant retooling some basic functionality, like saving .wav files.

Speakerphone mode is now working for the Acknowledgement feature!

Acknowledgement is taking a lot longer than I initially had hoped, but I continue to make progress.

I’m currently making adjustments to the acknowledgement feature based on beta feedback.

Here is a progress report on the Acknowledgement feature, which is coming along nicely.

Reiterate is meant to be a tool to reduce autopiloting. One of my greatest frustrations as I’ve used Reiterate is when I’ve finished a game session only to realize that I never heard Reiterate play a single clip. The lack of awareness can be so strong that it masks out the audio prompts Reiterate plays. That pretty much negates the entire point of the app.

Tap-to-acknowledge is an upcoming feature in the next release of Reiterate

Muting and Filtering

30 Sep 2021
4 minute read

Reiterate offers two ways to turn clips off. You can mute clips, and you can also filter them. What’s the difference, and why would you want to use one vs the other?