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I’ve updated the Reiterate server to the latest Debian release (bookworm). Here’s a report of everything I had to do.

I’m moving to a new Mastodon instance

I’ve turned my manual server setup playbook into an Ansible playbook.

How To Filter Journalctl By Unit

22 Oct 2022, revised 28 Oct 2022
6 minute read

Journalctl is the standard way of viewing system logs on Linux. But since the logs from all processes get consolidated in one place, it can get quit spammy if one process dumps a lot of output. Here is how I filter out those bad processes.

Apple released the new StoreKit 2 API, and I’ve been working on updating Reiterate to use it.

Reiterate Website Updated

22 May 2022
3 minute read

The Reiterate website has a fresh new look!

Keeping email addresses away from harvester bots is an old problem. I decided to apply some new technology to it.

Google Site Issues

14 Mar 2022
3 minute read

I recently discovered that this site has more problems than I knew about.

Backup is one of those administrative tasks that you have to take care of if you run your own server. There’s a lot of options, ranging from just copying all your files to another server yourself, to setting up a backup package, to installing a backup service from your hosting provider.

Comments Enabled

06 Feb 2022
4 minute read

I’ve enabled comments on the blog.

One thing you learn when running your own webserver is just how unfriendly the internet can be. Within moments of enabling your HTTP ports, malicious bots will immediately start scanning you, looking for vulnerabilities. It’s not too hard to lock things down; you have to be careful and meticulous and always keep up to date with the current best security practices. But that still leaves one problem: the bots make a mess of your log files.

I’ve spent this week upgrading my server to the latest Debian release (bullseye).