Reiterate 1.4.3

13 Jul 2022
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Reiterate has been updated to version 1.4.3 and is now available on the App Store.

Although there’s a lot of changes under the hood, for the most part they aren’t visible to end-users. The biggest change is the move to StoreKit 2. Apple is deprecating its old API and the way that it stored in-app purchases. The new recommended approach is to use on-demand resources. So I revamped everything in the app to use the new StoreKit 2 APIs, and on-demand resources, and changed the backend server to use the new App Store Server API to verify the transactions. That’s a lot of work, for zero user-visible change!

When Apple announced this change there was a bit of an outcry from developers, because it is a rather significant change in the way in-app purchases work. That’s just part of the cost of doing business with Apple, I suppose. I can only guess as to why they made this change. The way that Apple handled purchased content was always a little odd. It was this separate little service whose sole purpose was to host content for purchases. Maybe Apple got tired of supporting it and decided to roll it up with on-demand resources, which they’ve been pushing hard for some time now.

If you already have the app, it should update automatically for you. If you haven’t tried Reiterate yet, you can download Reiterate from the App Store.

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