How many clips should I have in a session?

17 Aug 2021
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Once you’ve recorded more than a screen’s worth of clips, it makes sense to start grouping them. One of the main ways Reiterate allows you to group clips is through sessions.

For the most part, that’s all a session is: a set of clips that have been grouped together. A clip can belong to as many sessions as you want, and when you delete a session it doesn’t delete any of the clips in that session, only the fact that you had grouped them together.

How you group your sessions is up to you, but you will probably find sets of similar clips that naturally group themselves together. Here are some sessions that I’ve used at one time or another.

  • Trinity Ashe. This is a specialized build that I only use in certain situations, and if I’m building this path for a game then I want to make sure I’m playing it correctly.

  • Agression. If I feel like I haven’t been playing aggressive enough, I have a set of clips to remind me to be properly aggressive in lane and in team fights.

  • CS and Wave Management. These clips are play during early laning phase. There’s a lot of tips related to farming and I’ve grouped them all here.

  • Avoiding Throws. This is kind of the opposite of the Aggression session set. It contains reminders to play safe, to ward properly, and to avoid pointless skirmishes.

Once you start making sessions like this, the question of How many clips? becomes somewhat irrelevant. You put as many clips into the session as will natually fit under the session theme you’ve created.

That’s not a complete answer, though. This question comes up in a context where people ask, How many tips should I focus on at a time? Since Reiterate’s sessions are the way that you set how many, it makes sense to ask “How big should my session be?” if you understand what you’re really asking is “How many tips should I focus on in one game?”

Let’s do a quick calculation. Say a game is 30 minutes long, and you have clips set to play every 30 seconds. That’s 60 clips that will play during your game. If you have 12 clips in your session, each one will play on average 5 times. That seems like a good number of repetitions. I wouldn’t put more than 12 clips in a session.

On the other side, I’ve experienced an issue when I have less than 4 clips in a session. In that case, the clips play too much, and my brain starts to filter them out when they repeat that often.

Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition is a technique that’s been gaining followers. In its basic form, it’s nothing more than recognizing which tips you’ve memorized or internalized, and repeating the ones you haven’t. I’d like to add some form of this to Reiterate, but the app would need to have some way of knowing when you’ve successfully applied each clip.

More advanced forms of spaced repetition allow you to set a limit on the number of things you’re working on. This would give you the most flexibility in session creation. You could create a session with as many clips as you like, and independently set a number of randomly selected clips to work on (say, if you tell Reiterate you want to work on 5 clips max, it would pick 5 random clips from your session to play during your game). I’ll be working on this for the next app update.

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