Communion Fatigue

05 Jun 2023
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It’s common sense to take a break every so often to rest your wrists between game sessions. But have you ever considered the importance of resting your resilience?

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In my previous articles, I delved into how some of the most common debates in the League of Legends community can be reframed through the lens of communion skills:

  • Should you mute chat or not? The question of whether to mute chat or not can be seen as a test of your ability to manage your teammates’ morale, a highly advanced communion skill that requires exceptional effort.
  • When should you surrender? Instead of trying to evaluate the game state and looking at this as a winnability question, look at it in terms of the communion skills you need to get your team’s mentality to a place where they can play optimally.

Playing effective League of Legends involves executing your communion skills to the best of your ability. You can’t do this if you’ve exhaused your resilience reserves. Every time a teammates question mark-pings you, or rages in all chat, or makes a poor play off tilt, it drains your emotional energy and depletes your mental resources. Once your reserves are completely exhausted, your mental state suffers a catastrophic blow. This is what is commonly referred to as “mental boom”.

Resilience levels vary from person to person. I believe that fortitude can be developed and expanded through practice, allowing you to shoulder greater emotional burdens. However, there’s no shame in acknowledging when your emotional reserves are running low. In fact, recognizing this is a valuable skill in itself. When you sense that you can no longer tolerate the disruptive behavior of your teammates, it’s time to take a break. Allow yourself to recharge and refresh, so that you can return to the game stronger and more focused in the next session.

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