IndieAuth Profile Exchange In the Wild

30 Aug 2021
2 minute read

Thanks to @fluffy, Authorio’s profile exchange is not completely useless.

Previously, I had added profile info to Authorio since it was in the IndieAuth spec and it seemed useful. But then I discovered there weren’t any actual IndieAuth clients that used that info.

Fluffy at saw that I had implemented profile info and decided to add it to their site on the client side. So now I can log in to beesbuzz and it displays my name and profile pic.

It would have done that anyway, since I have the microformat metadata on my homepage that duplicates that data. But it’s so much nicer to be able to edit my profile on the IndieAuth side. I can just bring up my user page in Authorio, enter data into the fields, and click Save. To change my h-card I have to edit the homepage HTML and restart the server. Then since the server is under source control I have to check it in to git. That’s a lot of hassle to change my name, although admittedly it shouldn’t change all that often.

Still, I’m happy to see Authorio being useful. Testing with beesbuzz revealed a couple bugs that I was able to quickly fix. I won’t do a new release for that yet, though.

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