2021 Recap

27 Dec 2021
3 minute read

This was the first year for my blog. Let’s see how I did.

My goals for this blog were pretty minimal. I wanted to see if I could actually stick with it, and I think I’ve done that. I see a goal in Beeminder to work on the blog for at least an hour a week, and I’ve kept to that. I wanted to use this space to add to the overall content on reiterate.app, and I can see my Google stats slowly increasing. Very slowly. From the logs, I still can’t tell if anyone has actually read any of the posts here. It’s mostly bots crawling my site. But I’m okay with that for now. Like I said, I just want to build content. There’s enough content here now that if someone wanders in, it can keep them occupied for a while. The site isn’t as bare as it used to be when it was just the documentation for the app.

I posted 25 times over eight months. That works out to one post about every ten days. That’s not too shabby. I don’t feel like I need to post any more frequently than that. Like I said, it’s a long game.

I wanted to split my topics between personal development, which would cover how to improve at gaming, and software, which would be a log of how I build this site, and document some of the machinery behind the scenes. I’ve often benefitted from some other developer’s blog where they described a problem I was having and how they fixed it. This is my way of paying that back. I hope someone finds the code I’ve documented here to be useful, someday.

The personal development posts document my own philosophy about self-help in general, how it applies to gaming, and how it has informed the devlopment of the app Reiterate. Again, it’s mainly there in the hopes that it can help someone.

I had 6 posts in the personal development category, and 14 in software. So it’s not perfectly balanced.

At the start, I had a lot of posts about IndieAuth and my implementation of it called Authorio. I enjoyed building that, my first open source project, and I’d like to return to it. I feel sympathetic towards the whole Indie Web Camp creed. But for now I’ll just focus on the parts that are useful to me, which is how it seems to work.

I seem to be able to focus on one project only at a time. While I was building Authorio, work on Reiterate suffered. And now that I’ve picked up Reiterate again, I haven’t looked at any IWC code. Maybe next year I can do more work in general, and that will allow me to split my focus.

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